We always thought they were keeping us safe...


I’m beginning to think we were wrong.


Valencia is thirteen when she is first admitted into the Institute.


She is sixteen when she rebels against the Council and suffers the consequences. 

Sixteen when they kill her.

Sixteen when she, inexplicably, returns to life.


Now, at nineteen, the poison that brought Valencia back has fashioned her into a weapon- the greatest asset her boss has ever known. To the people within the City of Emaldin, she is a ghost, a shadow, spoken of in only fearful whispers.


Valencia refuses to feel guilty. She lives by the belief that in Emaldin, there is no good or bad, only what is necessary in order to survive. But nothing is ever so simple, and it takes only one night- and one life wrongfully cut short- to bring Valencia’s world to a crumbling halt. Suddenly, she can’t help but see everything she has forced herself to be willfully blind to.

There is a sickness here, in her City, and it is eating it from the inside out.


On the run and at a loss, Valencia makes a tentative truce with the mercurial, enigmatic Eli- a familiar face with nebulous loyalties and promises of answers to questions Valencia is only beginning to ask. Together, they plunge into a web of deceit and unrest, plagued with old friends, older enemies, and layer after layer of obfuscation.


The City of Emaldin was built on the compliance of our people. Our blood lined their pockets; our bones built the walls of their towering, impenetrable Pod, and our bodies were the perfect stepping stones for their ruling. This is no longer acceptable.

The dawn of revolution approaches. 

We will not look away.