Described as a linguistic tour de force, a perspectival periscope, an empathetic pipe bomb.


Shortlisted for the Plough Arts Poetry Prize [UK] and received a high commendation for the poem, "Maybe It's Nothing at All".


"Et Lingua-Ligatum" - Storm Cellar, upcoming fall 2022

"Tin Can Elegy"
- Sans. Press, (Anthology) The Last Five Minutes of a Storm, 06/19/22

"Local Cyclist Struck in Bike Lane" - Kallisto Gaia Press,
Ocotillo Review, upcoming 07/22

"Monologue of Inquiry" - Fifth Wheel Press, 1/22

"In Hunger, In Love, In Fear" - Fifth Wheel Press, 1/22

"For You" - Elpis Pages, 12/21

"What I Wished" - Elpis Pages,12/21

"Art Critic" - Sledgehammer Lit, 12/21

"Everlasting" - Wingless Dreamer, 10/21

"Renaissance Girl" - Jaden Magazine, 09/21

"Precious Metals" - Jaden Magazine, 09/21

"Gluttony" - City Limits Publishing, 06 / 21 [Contest Winner]