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Exclusive Services

Image by Hannah Olinger


In 2016, I began my first foray into writing at a professional level. Having just finished high school with no formal training behind me, I plundered ahead, expecting my natural talent to be enough to carry me forward. After smashing local competitions and high school contests, I began the gruelling process of finishing my first novel. It took me over two years, and by the time I finished, and edited, three times, I still felt vaguely dissatisfied with the result. It hadn't come out as I imagined- and I couldn't figure out why. As someone who's never been the right 'fit' for traditional schooling, I bucked the idea of courses and directives and released the novel in the hopes of gaining outsider perspective. While mostly positive, the criticism was where I learned the most. 

Now, in 2022, I have written 10+ novels in the last two years, played with forms, genres, tenses, and have lifted my prose to an international consideration level. With 6 Long-list Considerations, 3 Short-list, 2 Winning Pieces and my manuscripts being considered by major agents, I feel confident in everything I have learned independently and would love to share and help others in their journeys to publication and beyond.

Writing Critique 

This fiction critiquing focuses on the whole picture- plot, pace, characterization, personal voice, while also skimming the surface of micro-critiques- word choice, sentence construction, and readability.
$50 for a piece <1000 words, $75 for <2500 words.


Concept Consultant

Writer’s block? One line bothering you? Can’t figure out how to connect a scene? Send over the synopsis and where you got stuck and I’ll suggest a possible avenue for the plot to take! Single line issues start at $5.00, with plot consultations at $20.00.


Profile Matching

New to the submission process? Send a portfolio of your work to get matched to publications that would suit your piece. One piece for $10 or 3 for $20.


One-On-One Writing Coaching

Includes unlimited beta reading, constructive feedback and critiques, open communication hours, conception consulting, light text “housekeeping”, schedule management and realistic goal setting (how can we fit writing into your schedule?), creative activities to get the juices flowing, and an all around personal plan to reach success! Rates start at $150.00 a week or $500.00 for a month. Trial periods available.


Creative Website Building

Ready to take yourself and your presence online seriously? Great. So am I! For only $100.00, I will make a professional landing page, about section, and contact page. For $200, we can arrange a professional headshot with BRWDMEDIA, a Hamilton-based photographer and designer. Let's seize the day together!

Let's Work Together

The traditional route doesn't work for everyone, and us creatives would be nowhere without others willing to share their experiences and guide us along the way. 

Let's get started today. 

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